Why should you Sell your House to an Investor?

When making plans to sell a house, homeowners face a big decision. Most of us are used to selling our homes with the help of a real estate professional because that’s how it has always been done. However, working with a realtor does not always guarantee a positive experience. Before listing your home for sale with a realtor, you need to make necessary improvements and invest money in repairs. In any case, if you wish to avoid all the complex processes, you may opt to sell your home to an investor. Here is what you need to know why working with an investor is the right option for you.

1. Investors buy homes in cash

If you need urgent cash, the option of selling your home to an investor is the best way for you. Most investors pay for the property in cash, so you won’t have to be uncertain about the buyer applying for a mortgage. What an investor offers is what you will get.

2. Investors buy homes as-is

If you choose to list your home with a realtor, you may have to spend more on repairs and improvements. They have to make sure that the house looks the best it possibly can to appeal to local homebuyers. Investors will never require that of you. Investors don't care if your kitchen is outdated or there are uneven shingles on your roof. They will make an offer calculating the repairs needed. Investors have seen it all, and they have contractors to handle that problem.

3. Investors can help you avoid foreclosure

If you’re behind on your mortgage payments or receiving foreclosure notices from your bank or lender, selling your home to an investor could be the best solution. Investors buy homes in cash and any condition, giving you the funds you need to move on. They normally purchase foreclosure homes, so they are very familiar with the process. Some investors take over mortgage payments as one of their strategies. They will help you close the deal before the foreclosure period ends.

4. Investors can close the deal quickly

Listing your home with a realtor can be a time consuming process. You’ll have to deal with mountains of paper works, host lots of showings and even negotiate with multiple buyers. Since most investors purchase homes in cash, you may sell your home right away when two parties come to an agreement. You may even receive a cash offer from an investor 24 hours once you agreed with the terms of sale.

5. No commission and fees

A real estate agent doesn’t work for free. Typically, they charge an average commission of 6% of the total selling price. Since investors buy homes for themselves, they never charge commission and fees.

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